ASU Students Travel to NYC for 2018 Next Gen Summit

This weekend two student entrepreneurs from our Entrepreneurship and Innovation program at ASU are traveling to New York City for the annual Next Gen Summit Conference for young entrepreneurs.

Ani Ravichandran and Ethan Naluz will be attending #NGS2018, billed as “the premier conference and global community for the world’s most creative and intelligent young game-changers to connect and collaborate in-person.”

Read more below for their story of how it all happened.

ANI: Two years ago, I saw my friends on Facebook ‘liking’ this page called “Next Gen Summit”. I clicked on the page and saw that it was a conference for young changemakers. I became super excited and hoped to go to the conference later that year, but I couldn’t make it happen. A year later, I ended up running their social media for a while. And a year after that, I’m finally going to Next Gen Summit! It is an amazing feeling to know that you are going to meet people in person after having connected with them online years ago. It is also my first trip to New York.

ETHAN: Since Ani and I have both been part of the NGS online community for over a year now, we thought this would be an amazing opportunity to meet friends we only know through the NGS Facebook Group. Being as spontaneous as we usually are, we decided this trip was something we have to do.

ANI: Whether you’re a young startup founder, are involved in politics, run your own nonprofit company, or anything in-between, NGS is an amazing place to meet other like-minded individuals. However, NGS isn’t just a conference. NGS is also an online community with active members who are constantly helping each other succeed in their respective domains.

ETHAN: At first, we thought the trip would be way too expensive to be feasible, but luckily, we had some help as our best friend Diana will be hosting us (you’re the best Diana!). Shoutout to her, as well as ASU’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department for being instrumental in making this trip happen. We’re extremely grateful to be part of a university that’s so supportive of our professional development, and we plan to use the skills we learn here to contribute to causes greater than ourselves.

ANI: Ethan and I are extremely excited for this trip! We’ll be active on social media too.

ETHAN: We want to extend the NGS experience to all people who aren’t able to attend this year. With that said, from June 7th to June 10th, we’ll be doing daily recap blog posts, tweets, Twitter Live streams, and various other social media updates. Feel free to message either of us for questions about this blog post, how to get more involved in ASU entrepreneurship, or just to get to know us better!


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