SparXX Feature: Women in Business

Women entrepreneurs are an untapped source of innovation, job creation and economic growth, often facing barriers to accessing credit, training, networks and information, legal and policy constraints compared to men. Unlocking the potential of women through training and mentoring support is one of the keys to strengthening their participation in business activities, which will not only accelerate economic growth and create jobs, but also strengthen communities.

The ASU SparXX Initiative is a series of programs and activities at Arizona State University that support women in starting and growing their own businesses. SparXX programs and activities are designed for women who are just beginning to explore entrepreneurship and business ownership, as well as those who have been business owners for years and are seeking support to take their companies to the next level. The name SparXX – in addition to being a tribute to ASU’s Sparky – is also a tribute to the XX chromosome and captures the sentiment of women’s entrepreneurship programs across the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area: to spark women’s entrepreneurial passions and accelerate their success as business owners.

Recently, a few women business owners, who have participated in the SparXX programs, shared how they felt empowered to follow their dream of starting or growing a business. Watch the video to hear them their stories.

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