Introducing the Prepped Spring 2017 Cohort

In the Fall of 2016 Entrepreneurship + Innovation launched a new program called Prepped. This program seeks to serve “mobile food entrepreneurs” (food carts, trucks, caterers, delivery services, and products) in their quest to start, grow, and scale their business by providing food specific business training and mentorship opportunities. We are pleased to announce the Spring 2017 Cohort has launched and the program is thriving. Learn more about the participants and their food ventures below.

Name: Alexis Carabajal & Juan Ayala
Company Name: Phoenix Coqui
Description: Phoenix Coqui is the only food truck of its kind that offers authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine that will excite any foodie’s palate.

Name: Arturo Ortiz
Company Name: TacosMachin! tacomachinphx@instagram
Description: TacoMachin! is a small family business that offers authentic homemade Hispanic food featuring recipes passed through generations using high quality ingredients.

Name: Axan & Mazatl Kuauhtli, Israel Enrique
Company Name: Xolta Espresso
Description: Xolta Espresso uses their own unique imported coffee blends and recipes to provide high quality, fair trade coffee.

Name: Caprice Gouveia
Company Name: Tukee’s Tamales
Description: Tukee’s Tamales uses recipes that are over 100 years old and always include fresh and unique ingredients.

Name: Catherine Medina
Company Name: To be determined
Description: The “pinches” are thick, made from scratch corn tortillas that can be used to hold a variety of toppings such as seasoned meats like chorizo or pork and beans or veggies.

Name: Darryl & Denise Cox
Company Name: DC’s Smokin BBQ
Description: This family owned business offers smoke rubbed BBQ meats covered with their signature rub and smoked to perfection.

Name: Diane Tomasa, Ed Wright & Chuck Mims
Company Name: Chez D’s Gourmet Kitchen
Description: Chez D’s Gourmet Kitchen prides itself on bringing unique ethnic blends and fusions of different spices to a variety of cuisines.

Name: Eric Alexander III
Company Name: Leafy Sea Dragon
Description: Leafy Sea Dragon is an up and coming cruelty-free vegan cuisine food truck that brings you seasonal ingredients and menu items that are always homemade.

Name: Jamie Balesteri
Company Name: Terre Botanicals
Description: Terre Botanicals offers the organic alternative to flavoring food and beverages by using only liquid herbs, essential oils, and spices.

Name: Krystal Harris
Company Name: Chef Krystal Fitness 
Description: Chef Krystal Fitness features a line of sweet healthful vegan treats that are made without soy or animal by products.

Name: Madeline Ulivieri
Company Name: ULIVhealthy Meal Prep Services
Description: ULIV meal prep services strives to provide healthy, delicious, and affordable meals for people on the go.

Name: Maria del Rosario Partida
Company Name: Nuestros Sabores
Description: Nuestros Sabores is a Mexican food catering service that is “based from home” in Puebla Mexico and uses many traditional ingredients.

Name: Maria Pina
Company Name: La Palapa Mexican Sweets & Treats
Description: LaPalpa sweets and treats offer a variety of agua frescas (fresh fruit water), corn on the cob, shaved ice and fruit popsicles, all made with no artificial colors or flavors.

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