Prepped Feature: Ni De Aqui Ni De Alla

Name: Ni De Aqui Ni De Alla

Chef Lorenzo

Chef Lorenzo

Owner: Lorenzo Santillan

What is your business story and what do you make?
We specialize in the preparation of traditional Mexican dishes that offer flavors that are often new to the American palate. To a large extent, our cuisine is a reintroduction of colorful Mexican food to American consumers. But don’t let our devotion to authentic Mexican food fool you. We have plenty of experience merging the cuisines of different cultures to create new culinary experiences, in effect broadening consumer reach.

Do you have a specialty such as a signature dish, drink, or item?
We are going to keep our menu very simple: our specialty will be tacos. We also make salsas and desserts.

Tell us what inspires you!
When I was younger I loved eating my Mom’s food. I enjoyed it so much that when she’d be working, and when my siblings and I were hungry, I’d try cooking what she would make. Throughout all this time I’ve learned that many recipes are being lost because we are trying to assimilate with the American culture. I want to learn and preserve my Mexican culture through my food. In college I also learned that by using my skills I could go into catering which would allow me to work for myself and be a business owner.

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