Hero Week #4: Survival

20161023_123740-e1478219147268-1024x576Grueling? Check.

Fatiguing? Check.

Worth our time? Big check.

A mantra every entrepreneur should hold dear to their heart is that anything worth doing won’t be easy and that was realized in experience this past week. Though we can’t disclose too much information about Survival, understand that the students were tested and pushed in every facet of their being. From the physical to the mental, the Draper pupils engaged in activities that pushed their teamwork and problem solving capabilities while placing them in extremely stressful situations meant to exercise their endurance.

The struggle is real

The struggle is real.

For 5 days, the students did the most extreme adventures, pushed their limits and pushed each other. Although the days were rough and long it was amazing to see their attitude and positivity throughout the entire program.

Which way is north?

Which way is north?

They quarreled amongst each other. They cried amongst each other. They slept and they ate every meal together. Many reached their breaking points, but most importantly everyone conquered barriers amongst themselves, created life-long relationships and moved to excel in ways they had never done before.

Regardless of how hard we pushed them they kept smiling.

Regardless of how hard we pushed them they kept smiling.

The most powerful bonds are forged under the most intense pressures… Do you have what it takes to join us next session?

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