What’s new with ASU’s entrepreneurial ecosystem?

A Mountain


Arizona State University thinks that the future belongs to any individual or organization who cares to make it their own. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t just mean launching programs, companies or non-profits. It means that you see opportunities where others don’t. You are willing to tackle a huge problem in spite of your inexperience or lack of preparedness. Your entrepreneurial DNA commands that you give it your all. If you fail, you dust off your shoulders and move on to another big (or small) problem. If you succeed, you build upon your success. Change doesn’t intimidate or inhibit you. It makes you you.

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E+I) Blog is an attempt to keep up with ASU’s entrepreneurs and efforts to drive innovation. With a community that stands at nearly 90,000 spread across four campuses and online, we want to make it simple for you to learn about entrepreneurship and innovation-related news from ASU.

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